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Step 1: Mould Ready For Production

Every pool that is built has a 5 digit number so a pool can be tracked once it has left the site and for the Q.C process. The label is waxed and once the pool has been released off the mould the label will be flicked out to leave behind an indent of the digits.

Step 2 Gelcoating

Gel coat is applied on at 0.8mm to 1.0mm - bottom photo shows pool with Sandstone gel coat.

Step 3: Tie-Laying with Vinyl Ester

Vinyl Ester is applied on at 1.5mm to 2.0 mm thick.

Step 4: Skin, Re-inforcement & lifting Hook Application

Once the Skin has been applied all the Divinycell/Klegecell stiffeners are placed on the skin this is done as the resin is curing to give maximum bond.The lifting hooks are glassed in on this stage so they can be used at a later date to release the pool off the mould.  These will be glassed over again for maximum strength.

Step 5: Re-inforcement & Additional Skin

The reinforcement is now applied. This will go over all the Divinycell/Klegecell and stiffeners and the hooks also are re-glassed for more strength.  This is then rolled to eliminate all of the air trapped in the glass.

Step 6: Curing & Release from Mould

Pool built and once cured this will be released off the mould to be trimmed and detailed.  Brick ties have also been placed in the coping when the pool is built. This is so the pool can be tied into the concrete bond beam when it is installed in the ground.
Picture of pool being released off the mould. This is being lifted off with the hooks that have been glassed in as the pool was built.

Step 7: Trimming, final inspection & detailing

Picture of pool supported on drums to be trimmed and detailed and undergo final QC inspection. The skimmer box is cut and the main drain hole drilled before the pool leaves site. We keep the skimmer box cut-out as a sample which is filed,together with the pool number, shape, size and all detailed production records for future reference if required.

Step 8: Finished pool ready for delivery

Pool is now ready for delivery to customer.

step1b small productionstep1a small production

step2b small productionstep2a small production

step3b small productionstep3a small production

step4b small productionstep4a small production

step5b small productionstep5a small production

step6a small productionstep6b small production

step7a small productionstep7b small production

step8a small productionstep8b small production