Barrier Reef Pools was established 25 years ago in sunny Australia and today has become the largest manufacturer of fibreglass pools in the Southern Hemisphere.

Barrier Reef Swimming Pools NZ

With your fabulous Barrier Reef swimming pool, you'll be able to swim, splash,cool off,  entertain, get fit or just relax!   

More of the fantastic new VENICE swimming pool are on their way.  Secure your VENICE pool now or one of the ROYALE or ARLINGTON,  SUDBURY  or  MICHAELMAS pools. Be in quick BEFORE the next load sells out!

SUPER SUMMER SPECIAL - Order your pool now and receive FREE a reversing Salt chlorinator and Gardening voucher (total package rrp $2000).  Special applies to pools sized from 6.2m x 2.8m upwards.  Don't miss out on this great offer.  Offer ends 15 February 2015.  Talk with your nearest retailer about this offer.

The Barrier Reef swimming pool range was designed to incorporate the best features of the fantastic fibreglass pool. Take your time to look at our fabulous swimming pools.  Contact your nearest Barrier Reef Pool Retailer to organise a day & time that suits you for a no-obligation free site visit.   We come to you!

Why Choose a Barrier Reef Fibreglass Pool?

Barrier Reef fibreglass swimming pool


Your Barrier Reef fibreglass pool arrives on site ready to be installed and weather conditions won't usually hold up the process.  Have a no-fuss installation in as little as a week, compared with concrete rendered or pebbled pools which may take as long as 3 months to complete - and all that mess in your backyard.


A Barrier Reef Pool features a super smooth, high gloss gelcoat surface in fantastic shimmer colours.  This ultra hard wearing surface is non-porous, stain and chemical resistant and of course, so easy to clean - allowing you more time for relaxation and swimming.


Unlike some other materials, a Barrier Reef fibreglass pool is not abrasive and there are no sharp  edges, so no skin off fingers and toes.


Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular for their healthy, natural feel. Salt  is totally compatible with your Barrier Reef Pool from day of installation.


The pool style and colour you select is exactly what you get at home and the features are built in - not expensive add-ons.   No hit or miss guesswork. 


Barrier Reef swimming pools exceed Australian and world standards for thickness.  This means that your pool is incredibly strong, yet being made of fibreglass, can flex to handle most normal earth movement.  Concrete and other pre-formed pools with mineral fillers in their construction have greatly reduced flexibility. 


The range of shapes, sizes and colours is large enough to meet individual style and design requirements.  You can have salt water  for a healthy, natural feel, various filtration options, air blowers for fun with bubbles and swim jets for resistance training, heat pumps, lighting and water features to create special moods.  All compliment a Barrier Reef Pool.


That's all that's left to do in your Barrier Reef Pool.  Contact your nearest dealer  today.

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