Barrier Reef Pools was established 25 years ago in sunny Australia and today has become the largest manufacturer of fibreglass pools in the Southern Hemisphere.

Barrier Reef Swimming Pools NZ

With the latest Barrier Reef swimming pool, you'll be able to swim, splash, entertain, get fit or just relax! We have a beautiful range of Barrier Reef swimming pools that you can choose from depending on your requirements!

The Barrier Reef swimming pool range was designed to incorporate the best features of the fantastic fibreglass pool. Take your time to look at our fabulous swimming pools.  Call your nearest Barrier Reef Pool Dealer to organise a day & time that suits you for a no-obligation free site visit.   We come to you!




Frequently Asked Questions

Will the fiberglass swimming pool discolour?
The fiberglass pools are UV treated and require less maintenance than a concrete pool. The pool should be maintained as per the warranty specifications set by Barrier Reef Pools.

Will the fiberglass pool crack?
The fiberglass pools are constructed from one piece 100% fibreglass swimming pool shell and will flex without cracking to accommodate most usual earth movement.

Can I empty the fiberglass swimming pool?
The fiberglass swimming pool should never be emptied. If there is a requirement for the fiberglass pool to be emptied, for warranty reasons you should first consult the pool installer to advise on the situation.

Will the fiberglass swimming pool lift out of the ground?
All fiberglass pools are fitted with a Hydrostatic valve in the floor this balances the outside pressure against the inside pressure of the pool which prevents the pool from lifting. If the pool is installed to Barrier Reef Pools requirements as set out in the install manual then it would be very uncommon.

What warranty does my Barrier Reef Pool come with?
The swimming pools come with a 25 year structural warranty. The colour shimmer warranty is 8 years.

Is the pool surface abrasive?
Barrier Reef fibreglass swimming pools are smooth and safe.  Unlike other materials, fibreglass is not abrasive there are no sharp or dangerous edges.

Is fibreglass compatible with saltwater?
Yes fibreglass is totally compatible with Saltwater from day of installation.

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