Barrier Reef Pools was established 25 years ago in sunny Australia and today has become the largest manufacturer of fibreglass pools in the Southern Hemisphere.

Barrier Reef Swimming Pools NZ

In your fabulous Barrier Reef swimming pool, you'll be able to swim, splash, cool off,  entertain, get fit or just relax!   

The VENICE swimming pool has proved a popular pool with its large seating in the wing entry of the pool and totally unimpeded swim area.

Secure your pool for Summer.  Choose from the VENICE, ROYALE,  ARLINGTON,  SUDBURY or MICHAELMAS pools.

The Barrier Reef swimming pool range was designed to incorporate the best features of the  fibreglass pool. Take your time to look at our fabulous swimming pools.  Contact your nearest Barrier Reef Pool Retailer to organise a day & time that suits you for a no-obligation free site visit.   We come to you!

Barrier Reef Pools Profile

Barrier Reef Pools was established three decades ago in sunny, tropical Cairns and today is the largest manufacturer of fibreglass pools in the Southern Hemisphere.  Due to its growth, it was apparent that the Company needed to relocate to a climate and an area that was better suited to all the requirements of fibreglass swimming pool manufacturing.  Today, Barrier Reef Pools is situated in the perfect location and climate of the Beaudesert Township, 45 minutes west of the beautiful Gold Coast.
From humble beginnings in Cairns  three decades ago, Barrier Reef Pools has now become one of the premier manufacturers of fibreglass swimming pools in Australia.  The Company remains family owned and operated.
Barrier Reef Pools commenced exporting after their pools were being sought after by other countries, hence Barrier Reef Pools Export was born.  Here in New Zealand, we are proud to know that our swimming pools made by Barrier Reef Pools are world class.   Barrier Reef pools are made to not only go across country but across oceans too.

Barrier Reef Pools are sold through retailers around the North Island.  The retailers are independent companies who purchase the Barrier Reef swimming pool because of its high quality.  Please fill in the contact form and your nearest Barrier Reef Pool retailer will be in touch to organise a site visit.

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